The Medicalization of Unhappiness

Peter Gove, GSC’s Health Innovation Leader, examines the history of mental illness in Canada, how it has been treated, and/or gone untreated, as well as the consequences of the practices that have prevailed. He will also review how much the landscape has changed over the last few decades. Peter will zero in on the changing medical and social landscape that has led to the proliferation of mental health diagnoses and the widespread prescribing of anti-depressants. He will touch on whether normal, expected bouts of sadness become “medicalized” and are we in turn medicating large portions of the population across the varying age bands. Are there other strategies for care that would better help these patients? Where do therapy and wellness professionals fit in? What are the options available and what are the statistics that support these options?

Jointed or Disjointed — An Overview of the Science of Cannabis

Dr. Poulin’s talk will provide an understanding of the biology and physiology of the cannabis plant. She will discuss what the new legal status of cannabis means and differentiate between medical and recreational cannabis use. She will then help us to understand the effects of cannabis on the brain and how we can recognize when problems might be developing, and how to limit potential harms from using cannabis. The impact of cannabis use on disability claims and return to work will be explored.

Afternoon Sessions

New Normal…Same Principles

This presentation will discuss foundational concepts of a Safety, Health and Wellness Program and how these can be used to manage large scale change in a diverse and complex workplace. Lessons learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic will be covered as well as the role played by employee health and safety programs in transitioning the workplace to a ‘new normal’. The
importance of leadership commitment, hazard control and worker participation along with the principles of Plan-Do-Check-Act and internal responsibility will be explored. Participants will take away practical solutions and tools for leading through both small and large-scale events and building resiliency in the workplace.

Happiness and Success — The Serious Business of Positive Emotions

Get a blast of well-being in this inspirational introduction to the science of positive psychology. Learn about the research results that prove happiness leads to greater success. Come away with simple, applicable skills that will fuel your personal happiness and help you:

• build resilience to stress and challenges
• become healthier
• enjoy your work more
• positively influence those around you(and more)

The field of positive psychology research has massively expanded our understanding of human potential. Happiness is not a lucky outcome resulting from a fortunate upbringing. It results from practicing skills we can all learn.