History of the Return to Work Conference

This conference was born from the shared vision of a group of private and public sector individuals who work in the area of Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Management. It is a not for profit venture that launched the first two-day conference in 1994 featuring a group of local speakers.

The committee goal is to provide employers, unions, insurance companies, and persons involved in providing rehabilitation services, with the tools they need to assist employees to return to work after an injury or illness.

This annual conference continues to focus on the issues that challenge those working in the disability management industry.  The conference has evolved over the years and now not only engages local speakers but other well-known speakers from across Canada and the USA. It also provides an opportunity for community services providers to connect with attendees and provide valuable information on available services within our communities through trade show booths.

The committee is committed to providing the highest quality speakers and topics for a reasonable price.  We look forward to seeing you at our next conference


Committee Members


Richard Broadhurst – HEB Manitoba

Esther Penner – Manitoba Teachers Society

Cheryl Mann – City of Winnipeg

Shannon Weiss – Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba

Tim Hauser - Manitoba Public Insurance

Tanya Shotton – Manitoba Hydro

Monica Heinrichs - Wawanesa Insurance