Kale Lutomsky

Kale is a registered Occupational Therapist with the College of Occupational Therapists of Manitoba (COTM). He works in both the mental and physical health fields assisting clients in navigating their barriers to returning to work and optimizing their daily life. Kale has taken various additional  training courses to expand his skill set in areas such as mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Functional Capacity Evaluation, and home modifications. His  specialties include:

Mental Health and Cognitive Assessments and Programs, Activation and Exposure Programs, Return to Work Programs, Job Demands Analysis, Percentage of Duties Assessments, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Ergonomic Assessments, Personal Care Assessments, and Permanent Impairment  Assessments.

Adam Trimble

Adam is a Certified Athletic Therapist and the owner/operator of Pathway Rehabilitation, True North Rehabilitation, and Great Plains Therapy. He has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Manitoba. Adam has worked in the field of rehabilitation since 2002 when he opened his first clinic.

Adam took over management of Pathway Rehabilitation in 2014 and his current role has him providing and arranging for numerous types of physical assessments for a wide variety of physical ailments throughout Manitoba. Over the last 20 years Adam has performed or arranged thousands of physical assessments (IME/MDA/FCE/FAE’s etc), and he prides himself on helping individuals to choose the right assessment to get the answers that they need. His talk will help you to understand which assessment is best for your client and why.

Dr. Patel

Dr. Ronak Patel is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist within the Clinical Psychology Program (CHP) for Shared Health, and an Assistant Professor within the Rady Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Patel came to Winnipeg in 2014, after he completed his pre-doctoral residency in the Neuropsychology and Cognitive Health Program at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care in Toronto, Ontario.

Currently, Dr. Patel provides neuropsychological assessment services for clients who present with a range of neurological and other medical and psychiatric disorders. He has a specialized focus on acquired brain injuries (ABI) and rehabilitation. In 2016, he launched CHP’s first group-based outpatient cognitive rehabilitation program called “Training of Executive Attention and Memory” or TEAM. He regularly supervises graduate trainees in the field of clinical neuropsychology, and in 2017-2018, he was awarded the Dr. John Arnett Excellence in Teaching Award for his teaching and service to the medical residency program at the University of Manitoba.

In 2020, Dr. Patel became one of the first neuropsychologists in Manitoba to be awarded Board Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. He has served on the Clinical Neuropsychology Section Executive Committee for the Canadian Psychological Association, and he is currently a contributing member of the Vascular Cognitive Impairment Writing Group for the Canadian Heart and Stroke Best Practices Committee. Beyond his full-time clinical work, Dr. Patel maintains an active research program, with both national and international collaborations. He and his collaborators use neuroimaging methods to investigate the underlying pathophysiology of cognitive functioning across a diverse range of clinical populations. To date, he has published over 25 peer-reviewed studies in scientific journals such as Neuropsychologia, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, Assessment, and the Archives of Clinical neuropsychology.

Dr. Abbott

Dr. Burton Abbott has a Doctor of Medicine degree, a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) degree, and a Bachelor of Science degree. He has certificates in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Care of the Elderly. He is also an Associate of the Canadian Board of Occupational Medicine. He has experience treating occupation injuries as a physiotherapist as well as a family physician.
Dr. Abbott has practiced medicine for more than 20 years. He has been the attending and consulting physical in geriatrics and rehabilitation as well as various trauma programs within the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Dr. Abbott works as a Medical Advisor at the Worker’s Compensation Board of Manitoba as well as a Medical Advisor to the Driver Fitness division of MPI. Dr. Abbott is an Assistant professor at the University of Manitoba (Department of Emergency Medicine) and former Chief Medical Officer of a rural Manitoba hospital. Dr. Abbott participates in a number of medical standard and advisory committees whose mandate has been to assure a high standard of patient care.

Sonia Funk

Sonia Funk is a Corporate Wellness Strategist and Speaker, Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach. She has travelled the world as both student and teacher learning and working in Toronto, New York, London, The Middle East and Ottawa. Along the way she gathered a big picture perspective on all aspects of wellbeing. Sonia is a dot connector. Her super-powers include outrageous common sense and a willingness to ask the hard questions, which allow for easier answers. The questions she brings to the table cut through all the misinformation, fads and cliches around wellness and mental health. Always giving her audience courage to find a better question she helps them understand the real reasons they are struggling. Sonia brings extraordinary empathy and humour into all of her work. She gets it because she has lived it. Her 15 years of experience as an effective coach, therapist and facilitator around the world translate into her ability to relay transformational questions, tools and tips, that are relevant to everyone.